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Successful debt collection Russia

Our debt collection experts were contracted by hospital from Germany regarding big medical treatment debt of Russian patient. As it appeared, insurance company refused to pay hospital invoices so hospital invoiced patient directly. However, German hospital was not even able to located debtor in Russia. Debt collection experts in Russia found debtor quickly, however he refused to pay since he had insurance that had to cover hospital fees. Then ...
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Multinational debt collection case

Three partners, from Ukraine, Poland and France decided to open printing business in Ukraine. They invested their shares, developed business and started to get dividends. However, after Ukrainian crisis in 2014, French businessman decided to quit and get his share. The deal was structured through good contract and Cyprus jurisdiction, but remaining shareholders were still not hurrying to pay. The case was assigned to local experts in debt ...
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Debt collection case Ukraine

Equipment delivery was agreed between company A. from China and company D. from Ukraine. However, no formal contract was made, only verbal agreement. Owner of Ukrainian company made private payment of 20% of agreed products value. Products were delivered in Odessa by sea with FOB terms, however consignee was not company D. but transport company E. That is where problems started. Parties started to argue about price when products were already ...
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Successful debt collection in Uzbekistan

One company “P..”, located in Uzbekistan owed company “K..”, registered in United Kingdom 15 000 EUR for the supplied products. After some unsuccessful attempts to collect this debt by own forces, British company appealed to our collection agency.
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Successful debt collection in Latvia

One big company “T..” , located in Denmark, has signed the contract of rendering transport services with Latvian company “J..”. Their cooperation was fruitful for both of them for a long time.
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Successful debt collection in Belarus

One Italian company «L..» during a long period of time cooperated with the company «B..» located in Belarus. After some time manager, responsible for the communication with Belarusian customer, left the company, the case wasn’t transferred to the new manager and the information about this case has been lost.
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Successful debt collection in Kazakhstan

Swedish company “H..” cooperated with the company “K..” located in Kazakhstan for a long time. After a while company “K..” stopped to pay the invoices, but goods were already delivered by creditor.
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