Successful debt collection in Kazakhstan

Swedish company “H..” cooperated with the company “K..” located in Kazakhstan for a long time. After a while company “K..” stopped to pay the invoices, but goods were already delivered by creditor. Creditor tried to negotiate and find out the reason why company “K..” does not pay by sending emails, but their emails remained unanswered.

Company “H..”  understood that the company “K..” just trying to avoid communications about the debt with the creditor.

Swedish company “H..” decided to apply to the court to declare this unpaid debt.

Their lawyers prepared all the necessary documents, filed a lawsuit within required terms and timeframe, and finally they got the court decision in favor of creditor.

Creditor expected that getting a court decision will help them to collect this debt, but it had no success.

Management of Swedish company “H..” decided that  applying in local debt recovery agency is their last resort.

After signing all the necessary documents LECCIS team started to collect information about the the company “K..”.

When the debtor understood that the representatives of the creditor know his plans, he started to repay his debt by parts. After 1,5 months the debt was paid fully.

That’s quite complicated to collect the debt from creditor’s country without specific knowledge of legislation, language of debtor, especially if  you are trying to recover the debt in developing countries.

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