About us

LECCIS is company of local debt collection experts in CIS and Baltic.

Our expertise covers the wide area from Baltic sea to Chinese borders occupied by post-Soviet countries. The majority of those countries are now united in what is known as Commonwealth of Independent States (CIS) with Baltic countries being part of European Union.

Being very different in terms of culture, economies and foreign trade they are still united by common past and present economic transnational relations.

Debt recovery in CIS and Baltic has numerous challenges in terms of language, culture and business practices. That is where Local Experts may help.

Local Experts are located within the region, know local languages, laws and customs. In the same time with qualification, experience and utmost ethics Local Experts are compliant with the best western business practices.

No matter which debt, consumer or commercial, Local Experts know the best ways to collect it from anywhere in CIS and Baltic.