How to recover debt

When we lend money we do not think indebtedness may happen. But when the debt is not paid you are faced with the question of how to recover debt.This question regularly appears before directors of companies which sell on credit or grant loans. Moreover, in most cases the company is the link in the supply chain itself (dealer, distributor, wholesale supplier etc), which means the company can become a supplier’s debtor itself. The simple way to ...
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Is LECCIS registered as collection company in Ukraine?

Since LECCIS is company that manages various debt portfolios in the whole CIS it is not registered as debt collection company according to Ukrainian laws. Ukrainian laws require debt collection company registration only for domestic companies that collect domestic consumer financial loan debts.
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Why LECCIS does not collect on its account?

While many collection companies in the US and Europe are authorized to collect money on their account and then transfer them to clients/creditors, it is not the case in majority of countries in CIS. Collection agencies are not entitled to such practice in the region. Moreover, due to local regulations and restrictions, majority of debtors are not able to pay debt to anyone apart from original creditor. That is why LECCIS usual scheme of ...
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Do you provide skip tracing?

Generally, skip tracing of debtor is part of collection process with no additional charges. However, if client/creditor has no contacts of debtor at all, we may charge upfront fixed fee for skip tracing of such debtor before we accept debt collection case.
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Do you collect single consumer debts?

LECCIS collects single consumer debts with amount from $10,000. That does not apply to mass consumer collection (recovery of debt portfolio). 
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