Succesful debt collection Turkmenistan

The oldest debt collection case in LECCIS history was succesfully solved by our experts.

Belgian leasing company found 7 years old unpaid debt in their records and applied to LECCIS to help them. With many records being lost or destroyed it was hard for our experts to investigate the case and find all details about leasing of construction equipment by company in Turkmenistan.

Nevertheless, the puzzle from memories of responsible persons, electronic data and documents was assembled and Turkmenistan debtor acknowledged the debt.

Then case went wrong again. Debtor’s company was reorganized and decision making center shifted to Turkey. Debt recovery Turkmenistan transformed in debt collection case in Turkey. Managers from Turkey was not keen to pay old debts for their daughter company in Turkmenistan but LECCIS experts were firm and persistent.

The case was closed paid. Collect debt Turkmenistan did not sound possible for our client after 7 years of delinquency, but nobody knows the real chances before debt collection agency tries to collect.

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