Healthacre debt collection Russia case

Medical institution from Netherlands had dispute with Russian debtor regarding debt for medical treatment and were far from understanding how to collect debt in Russia.

LECCIS negotiated with the Russian debtor to find he refuses to pay his healthcare debt since he considers his employer must pay the bill. He was working as sailor and treatment was related to trauma he received during his time in the sea.

Our debt collection experts studied the details and went to former employer of the debtor, company from Estonia. After protracted negotiations experts found responsible manager and discussed details of debt recovery Russia. Necessary documents were collected by our experts both from creditor and debtor and the debt was paid in full by former debtor’s employer.

In modern world, cross-border collections became daily routine for debt collectors. LECCIS debt collection experts may collect debts not only in Russia but all over CIS and even further, through connections with partners.

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