Successful debt collection in Latvia

One big company “T..” , located in Denmark, has signed the contract of rendering transport services with Latvian company “J..”. Their cooperation was fruitful for both of them for a long time. But one day Latvian company “J..” stopped to pay for services, provided by company “T..”

Creditor has sent a few reminders about unpaid invoices for transportation services,

Latvian company “J..” acknowledged the debt, but complained about some problems with payment. Both companies tried to come to an agreement, however, negotiations have stalled.

After that management of the company “T..” decided to find local debt collection agency that could help them in solving their problem with the debt.

Our experts started negotiations with Latvian company “J..” and found out what it’s all about.

According to Latvian legislation to send money abroad you need to provide bank with all the proving documents – signed contract, invoices, acts of rendered services, money transfer is not possible on the base of the invoice only.

Leccis experts provided the creditor with the articles of law that prove such statements. They also conducted several phone conferences and clearly explained this to creditor.

With the help of Leccis team the debtor and the creditor has signed all the necessary documents and the debt has been paid within 5 working days.

Creditor and debtor continued their cooperation.

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