Successful debt collection in Uzbekistan

One company “P..”, located in Uzbekistan owed company “K..”, registered in United Kingdom 15 000 EUR for the supplied products. After some unsuccessful attempts to collect this debt by own forces, British company appealed to our collection agency.

Leccis experts clarified the situation and found out the following: the debt before British company arose at such a difficult time for company-debtor “P..”. Several local companies in Uzbekistan started litigation process against company “P..” , therefore the debtor had no possibilities to pay the full amount of the debt at the moment.

Our experts suggested the client alternative option – the debtor returns remains of supplied goods to client. Parties drew up the evaluation act on the amount of 9 000 EUR and the goods were returned ion the client’s warehouse within 1 month.

After that parties agreed and signed schedules of debt repayment of remaining amount of debt for 4 months.

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