Debt collection Estonia

About Estonia

Estonia is a developed country with an advanced, high-income economy.  Estonia has the most developed economy among ex-Soviet countries.

The economy is open and deeply integrated with the economies of neighbor Sweden and Finland, as well as retains legacy economic ties with Russia. Finland, Russia, Sweden and Germany are four main trade partners. Trade balance though is negative.

Traditionally, Estonia has been seen as an area of rivalry between western and eastern Europe on many levels. Today, Estonian society encourages liberty and liberalism, with popular commitment to the ideals of the limited government, discouraging centralized power and corruption. Western values, culture and business practices are widespread.

The official language of Estonia is Estonian, from Finno-Ugric languages group. Although a good share of Estonians speak and/or understand Russian, the most popular foreign language is English.

No specific challenges of debt collection in Latvia are observed.

What we do to recover a debt in Estonia?

  • study case details
  • find core reason of failing to pay
  • find debtor’s decision makers and financial controllers
  • resolve language and cultural issues to reach payment agreement between creditor and debtor
  • resolve legal and administrative problems to facilitate pending payments
  • consult in finances to enable debtor to pay
  • consult in local legislation and business threats to convince debtor to pay

How long it takes in Estonia?

Average time to recover debt in Estonia is 80 days.

What the fees are?

The success fee makes 10% commission from any money recovered.

No collection – no fee policy applies.


  • we have debt recovery experience in Estonia
  • we know local Estonian laws, finances and customs
  • we understand local Estonian languages
  • we charge no fees, unless debt is recovered
  • we provide operative reporting

How to send case?

  1. Send your unpaid invoices and supporting documents for our review.
  2. Sign our debt collection contract and POA received from the manager.